Trusting God

September 15, 2008

It can be difficult to trust in someone you have never seen or spoken to if you haven’t developed a relationship with God.  I have a very deep and personal relationship with a God that is loving, forgiving and so trustworthy.  I am a “water-walker”  I have the faith it takes to get out of the boat and walk with God.  I grow stronger in my faith and my walk with God every day.   I put my trust in the Lord when I have nowhere else to turn to. I am confident that He hears every prayer that I pray and answers those that are his will.  Thank God that we are able to have that kind of closeness with the Almighty and that we as women are able to claim the status of “daughters of the most high King”


“Very Bad”

June 11, 2008

Have you ever gotten the “phone call” that just scares you to death? I have, on three occasions.  The first one was in 1995, I was sound asleep, I had worked all night and it was about 9:30 in the morning. I had been asleep just long enough to wake up confused. The ringing phone, which I first thought was the alarm, was my closest sister, Mary, telling me that our sister Priscilla had been in a “bad” accident. Without a lot of detai, it was indeed a very bad accident.  Then came the phone call about my mom in 1996, another “bad” call.  Saturday night, it was 10:00, my husband and I had worked outside all day, both bone tired, showered and ready for bed, and the phone rang.  Then when my man brought me the phone, he had “the look”. Immediately my heart started racing and I started getting tearful.  I just knew it was bad. My oldest sister,  was in a small town about 30 minutes away, in the emergency department, having a very “bad” heart attack. In a hurried frenzy, we tried to dress, me crying and praying, asking my husband to start praying, trying to remember to call my pastor to start the prayer chain, knowing that my sister, Mary had already gotten the one from her church going. What a whirlwind of crazy, petrified moments! Halfway to the hospital, I called my brother to check on her status, my brother then tells me that they are flying her to Little Rock, now I know it is “very bad”, they only fly the non-stable, critical patients to larger hospitals.  I also found out she was on all different sorts of medicines.  Do you know the worse part? I am a cardiac critical care nurse and I KNOW WHAT CAN BE HAPPENING….it was so hard to step back and look at all of  this from a laymens view point.  My sister Mary, her husband, me and my man made it to LR before they landed with my sister, the cardiologist told us “this is very bad”, but I already knew that!! He told us he would do his best and leave the rest to GOD!  We were absolutely okay with that. We already knew that God would have His way and His will would be done.  Nonetheless, we prayed and prayed….and God answered our prayers.   What started out to be “very bad” turned out to be not so bad, the Lord blessed her and us. He guided the cardiologist hands as he did his work.  Thank you Lord for answering our prayers.  Thank you for our faith, for our ability to put all things into your hands and know that YOUR will be done.

Hello world!

May 6, 2008

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